The Importance of Data Integrity in Information Security

Organizations acquire and store massive amounts of data. Numerous critical business procedures within the organization depend on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of this stored data. There are several ways in which the data’s accuracy can be harmed. If this data is altered or deleted by a third party without authorization, the consequences for the business could be severe, especially if the compromised information was of a sensitive nature. Thus, it is crucial for a company to protect the accuracy of the data it stores by implementing the necessary security measures. This article covers in-depth information about data integrity along with details on its significance, various types, and several techniques that can be used for the preservation and verification of data integrity.

The Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in almost every sector of business and industry globally. The adoption of artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity sector has also been influenced by this rise. The cybersecurity landscape has seen a tremendous shift as a result of AI. In today’s business contexts, there is a significant and quickly expanding surface for cyberattacks. This indicates that more than just human interaction is required for cybersecurity posture analysis and improvement within a company. Since these technologies can quickly analyze millions of data sets and find a wide range of cyber threats, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now becoming crucial to information security. Nowadays, AI is being included into a wide range of products and applications that are employed in effective threat identification and cyberattack prevention. This article discusses the foundational ideas of artificial intelligence, its function and applications in the field of cybersecurity, and how AI can be applied to enhance an organization’s overall security posture.

The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery for an Organization

Over recent years, data has become one of the most critical assets for the organization. This data can include financial spreadsheets, blueprints on new products, an organization’s trade secrets, private customer information and so much more. Any security incident that can damage or destroy this data can have severe repercussions for the organization and in some cases can cause the organization to become bankrupt. An organization with strong business continuity and disaster recovery planning takes into account all the scenarios that can adversely affect its critical assets. Data backup and recovery mechanisms in an organization, therefore, play a crucial role in the organization’s recovery procedures. This article goes over the importance of data backup and recovery, its types, and the different storage options available to the organization for storing this backup data.

Session Hijacking Attacks: How they Work and What you Can do to Prevent them

A web application user interacts with it in a variety of ways and can perform different actions depending upon his access restrictions. Most of the time these web applications require users to login in order to perform different actions that only authenticated and authorized users are allowed to perform. HTTP is a stateless protocol that doesn’t maintain user state when he/she performs different actions while using the web application. This meant that the application developers had to come up with a different way in order to maintain the state of the user’s connection with the web application. The use of session IDs and cookies is one such way to maintain this state. However malicious adversaries can employ different tactics to hijack the session of a legitimate user. These types of attacks are called session hijacking attacks. This article goes over the basics of the user session on the application and session hijacking, the types of session hijacking attacks, and the different techniques that can be used to prevent these attacks.

How to Install and Set-up Sysmon for Windows Endpoint Devices

Sysmon is a component of the Microsoft Sysinternals Suite that runs as a kernel driver and may monitor and report on system events. Businesses frequently utilize it as part of their tracking and logging systems.

Circumventing LinkedIn Login Prompt for Anonymous OSINT

As discussed in a previous article, while doing a social media OSINT, LinkedIn is one of the places you want to research. Let’s say that you have a first and last name and access to Linkedin. Unfortunately, you can’t look up people on LinkedIn without an account. Is there a way to make OSINT research on LinkedIn without creating a covert account? In this blog page, we will learn how to bypass Linkedin’s credentialing requirements with Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Introduction to LinkedIn Social Media OSINT

LinkedIn is the most widely used business-related social networking site in the modern world. Before viewing any data, users must first register a free profile on the site. To search for a name, just type the target’s name into the search box and press the enter key. The target’s employer, location, profession, and photo should then appear on the search result. After locating the correct target, clicking the name will take you to that user’s profile. In this article, we’ll look at how to improve our Linkedin people search and how to fine-tune our covert OSINT account settings.

An Overview of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and How Does It Affect You?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. The new set of privacy laws protects the personal data of EU citizens and requires companies to disclose how they handle user information. These new regulations apply to any company that handles the personal data of EU residents, no matter where the company is based. Non-compliance with GDPR can result in hefty fines. The cyber security landscape has changed rapidly over the past few years with an increasing number of cyber attacks and breaches reported almost every day. Companies are also increasingly aware of their responsibilities for protecting customer data as well as other personally identifiable information (PII). This article goes over the importance of this law, how organizations around the world are affected by the law, the rights of data subjects under this law, and how organizations can ensure data protection under this law.

Reverse IP and Domain Lookup

You can use IP addresses to track people across several websites online. You may have IP addresses gathered via online research, email message, or internet connection. Using OSINT, we will explore various methods for obtaining a target’s IP address. We have already covered how to do a simple whois query in a previous blog article. This domain name lookup will provide IP addresses linked with the websites you’re investigating.

Introduction to Event Logs in Windows

Windows logs include a plethora of structured data from many log sources. Event logs capture events that occur during system execution to analyze system activity and troubleshoot faults. This blog article will teach you about common logs and how to examine crucial events in your system.