Review and Testimonial: Jeremy Gardas

Jeremy Gardas is a skilled individual. At only 18, he is able to solve technical problems that few industry professionals can. In his opinion, MCSI is the best training method available. He believes that we the best platform to become an expert in cybersecurity.


My name is Jeremy. I live in France. I'm 18 years old and I've been learning cybersecurity on my own for several years.

Like others, I have worked on various high profile platforms.
I was also one of the youngest in the world to get one of the most recognized certifications: I tried harder :) ...

After comparison, having really tried these platforms, my point of view is very simple:

MCSI is by far the best. Really by far.

Here is why:

-MCSI is the cheapest or among the cheapest
-The exercises are varied, captivating and stick to reality
-No time limit to finish the course
-No stressful lab to pay for if you don't finish it
-No 800 pages of documentation to read when you don't know what to remember
-No waste of time
-A wide variety of courses. Each syllabus is clear and precise
-MCSI corrects exercises very quickly, personalized feedback, it is very motivating

MCSI is the absolute weapon to become a cybersecurity expert.

If you have a real motivation, MCSI will make you what you want to be: One of the best.


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