Review and Testimonial: Allan Hedegaard

Allan Hedegaard is the IT Operations Manager at GPV. He manages a large team of IT professionals that operate around the globe. His cybersecurity duties include managing the Security Operations Centre and ensuring that GPV meets all of its compliance requirements.

Below is Allan’s review of MCSI’s platform and method:

First and foremost, thanks for the opportunity of providing a little feedback on the last couple of months experience with the MCSI platform.

Having been through the entire ECO system of IT operation and security, since the mid '00 I have seen and worked on pretty much everything you would encounter in enterprise IT. Luckily, I have always been obsessed with my work and the technology it is build upon. So, my work life has never been a burden, more like a quest for more knowledge.

During my career I have pursued and achieved many certifications from a all the big ones. Cisco, Comptia, EC etc. I always felt it was vital to attest my know-how and challenge myself. During 2022 I discovered the Mossé Cyber Security Institute. I jumped into the MPT course and thought, that I would complete it in a few weeks or perhaps a month. This assumption was built on my experience from all previous education programs, that I participated in.

Study the material > Do the exam > Get the certificate.

After reviewing the curriculum, I jumped right into my comfort zone, solving problems. Just like I had been doing for almost 20 years. I made great progress, as I could simply pick the exercises within my knowledge bank. After a little time, I found myself more challenged and not able to keep the high pace in solving exercises.

By reviewing my progress, I was able to pin-point my weaknesses. The MCSI provided me with a personalized knowledge profile. I found that I knew to little about specific areas, which I never considered important. Now I was required to study if I wanted to proceed. Having a concrete problem to use as reference for studying made it much more doable. I reached goals, that I would not have thought possible.

This was when the realization came to me.

Other courses make you strive for a certification. The Institute is different. The training here makes you focus on getting smarter. I have not experienced a similar training returning so much output. There are still huge unchartered knowledge domains out there. The Institutes way of teaching you, will not only highlight the missing skill(s), but also put you right on track for improving it. Every submission is awarded with constructive feedback from the instructors. This makes you think even more about your product and the elegance and finesse of it.

To complete the challenges, you need to be not only logical, but also creative.

The exercises deliver realistic scenarios, so all the skills directly transfer and can be applied in the real world.

After discovering the potential of the platform, I already enrolled in the MRT course to allow for even more professional progression.

Any motivated IT professional will benefit tremendously from enrolling at the Institute. I highly recommend it.


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