Career Pathways (5)

A Career in Demand: Cybersecurity Business Analyst

A cybersecurity business analyst is a professional who analyzes cybersecurity technology and provides cybersecurity training and other related services. The cybersecurity business analyst will identify business requirements and implement systems and security technologies. They work with senior executives to understand various aspects of cybersecurity needed to provide security solutions for their organizations and clients. The cybersecurity business analyst will also oversee the research, development, and testing of the software solutions. They have a fair understanding of security risks and threats. They need to understand cybersecurity concepts and cybersecurity industry trends. They analyze security-related policies and procedures in collaboration with other cyber analysts.

Becoming a Threat Hunter

A rare diamond is on display at a local museum for few weeks. An efficient security system is in place to ensure the diamond does not get stolen. The system comprises alarms, cameras, and trained staff. In spite of the security system, the staff would always be vigilant for theft attempts on the diamond. This includes studying the behaviour of visitors coming in to see the diamond.

Becoming an Incident Responder

Let us assume that a building has caught fire. Firefighters must act at a moment’s notice to extinguish the flames. A building catching fire is an unexpected event. Similar unexpected events occur in the cyber world that affects regular business operations. Any event out of the ordinary qualifies as an incident.

Becoming a Malware Analyst

You have been using the free trial version of a tool called My Photo Editor for your image editing activities. However, the trial period has ended and a licence has to be purchased from the website to continue using the software. There is another third-party website that claims to provide the full version of My Photo Editor for free. All you need to do is click on a link to download the setup file. Soon after installing the setup, you notice that your computer is behaving strangely. Text files are being created and deleted from the desktop without your involvement, the Command Prompt application is running even though you did not start it and the computer seems to be running at a slow pace overall.

Becoming a Digital Forensics Investigator

Let’s consider a scenario. The new Batman movie has just come out. You are unable to watch it in the theatres, so you head over to a website that says, “Download this software, you can watch the new Batman movie immediately!”. You download the software, only to find out it is fake. Disappointed, you carry on with your work. Soon after, you begin to notice that the mouse cursor moves across the screen, on its own, without you actually using the mouse. This is not expected behavior.