Using organizational chart to show the structure of teams and organizations

Organizational charts are important for illustrating the relationships between employees and departments within a company. They can be used to show who reports to whom, and how different departments are organized. Organizational charts can be helpful for new employees to understand the chain of command, and can be used to plan for future growth.

Cybersecurity Reports

An org chart can be used in a report to show who delivered the work and the stakeholders involved in the project. This is especially useful for large projects with many stakeholders. The org chart can help identify who was responsible for each deliverable and who needs to be consulted for questions and clarifications.

Consider the following scenario: you’re creating a penetration testing report. You might display the members of the team who completed the work. Roles and duties would be clearly defined in the org chart. It would also show who the key customer stakeholders were and how they supported the engagement.

Concepts of Operations (CONOP)

An org chart can be used in a Concept of Operation to show who is delivering the roles and responsibilities. This can help to ensure that everyone understands their role in the team and how they contribute to the overall operation. It can also help to identify potential areas of improvement and optimize the use of resources.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research

An org chart can be used in an OSINT report to show the structure of a target. For example, if the target is a company, the org chart can show the different departments within the company, and the hierarchy of those departments. This can be helpful in understanding how the company operates, and what each department does. Additionally, it can help to identify potential employees to target within the company, or areas that may be of interest.

Free Chart Tool

One free tool that can be used to develop org charts is This web program can be used to create org charts by designing an organization’s structure, including the names and titles of employees.

Another tool that can be used to develop org charts is a whiteboard. This can be used to create a basic org chart by hand, or it can be used to brainstorm ideas for an org chart with a team.


Some common information to include an org chart:

  • Employee Names
  • Employer Names
  • Job Titles
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Business units and/or divisions