Vulnerability Research and Exploitation Articles (5)

The Importance of Crowd-Sourced Security in Cybersecurity Landscape

Attackers are continuously on the outlook of application/software vulnerabilities that can be used to launch various types of attacks. The necessity for timely discovery of security issues in the applications before the attackers have a chance to exploit them is increasing due to the rapid pace at which software is developed and used to carry out crucial functionality. This urges enterprises to develop a testing method that is swift and effective and enables them to release software that is bug-free as soon as feasible. Traditional testing methods, however, are unable to keep up with the rate at which consumers’ demands are being met with the proliferation of applications, devices, and operating systems that are being created every day. The crowd-sourced security testing steps in at this point to save the day. The fundamentals of crowd-sourced security, how it differs from traditional penetration testing, and the many advantages this testing method offers the organization is all covered in this article.

How to Collect Information about a Microsoft Vulnerability

In this blog post, we will cover which sources we can utilize to collect information about the most current vulnerabilities of Microsoft. Let’s start by explaining what is the Update Tuesday.

Keep Your Security Posture Strong With Vulnerability Management

In this article we will describe what vulnerabilities are, and best practices for managing them.

Using Contextual Analysis to decide on a target software for vulnerability research

Contextual Analysis is a method for assisting in selecting software targets for vulnerability research. Contextual Analysis is the study of all components of a system or environment to determine how and by whom it is used. Researchers can use contextual analysis to see if the target software fits the conditions for vulnerability discovery and exploitation.

Introduction to the Vulnerability Research and Exploitation Workflow

It is critical to follow a workflow when conducting vulnerability research to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Identifying the target, acquiring information about the target, locating security crashes, and exploiting major vulnerabilities are all possible phases in this procedure. Each stage in the workflow is crucial, and omitting any of them can result in a outcome that is incomplete or erroneous.